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Or you can telephone us and speak to our reception staff.

Let them know your details and also answer any questions they may have about your appointment, they sometimes need to know a bit more information in order to give you the best service. They will accommodate your request the best they can for your given situation.

Rosslea Medical Centre gives all appointments their individual attention, requirements for standard or long appointments, seeing a specific GP or nurse, and whether your situation is urgent are items that are decided on a case by case basis between yourself, our administration staff and our various medical practitioners of Rosslea Medical Centre.

If you are certain that you will not attend an appointment, please call reception and let them know, as someone else may be able to use that time.

It is important to remember that due to either unforeseen urgent matters or a health professional giving care to a patient that extends outside their allotted time, there are situations when your doctor may run late. We ask for your patience if this happens.

Your specific health needs are our priority and we all work together to achieve your goals.