Cosmetic Injectables

Our very own, Dr Paco Munoz, is an experienced and sought after Cosmetic Injector with many years of experience. These treatments can be tailored to give either dramatic or subtle effects to help freshen your appearance.

Dr Paco Munoz is our skilled Cosmetic Injector and our Principal Doctor.  He uses a less is more approach to Injectables to enhance our natural features. He can effectively treat frown lines, crows’ feet, marionette lines, thin lips, loss of volume and many other concerns with Anti-wrinkle treatments and Dermal fillers.

Blepharoplasty  – Dr Munoz also performs this surgery in the clinic. This procedure removes excess skin from the upper eye area which is pushing down over the lid and opens up the eyes.

We offer Payment Plans for selected services which allows you to pay off a treatment over 4 months. You need to be over 18, employed and have a current form of Identification. Please call us for more details.